Gmail Sign In - Learn everything there is to know about Gmail!

Are you new to Gmail? If you are a new Android user, you will find Gmail as your default email application. When I first moved to a smart phone, I found that most of my friends signed up to Gmail so I did it too with the hope of making the communication easier.

The registration process was very simple, but I had a problem with Gmail sign in and Gmail sign up. I was a bit confused with the whole process.

Steps for Gmail sign in

If you’re new to Gmail and could really use some help with it, here are some steps to help you do Gmail sign in easily on PC:


How to sign in to Gmail?

Gmail sign in

1. Go to You will be redirected to the address so alternatively you can also go directly to the latter address. This is the official page of Gmail. Any sign in or other process related to your Gmail account must be done from this page.

2. Find blank space for email and password. You will see a column where you must fill in with your Gmail sign in information which is your email address ( and your personal password. Make sure that the password has unique combination and is not a public knowledge. You will never know what will happen to your email (and important personal data which is inside it) if you give up your passwords.

3. Type your username and password on the given space. If you still find the cookies left by another user on your PC which is an email account and password, choose sign in with another account. Your Gmail can remember who you are and what your password is. sign in - Enter your password


 If you want the computer to remember your Gmail sign in details, answer yes when your browser asks you a permission to remember the password. If you don’t want to keep typing your username and secret password information each time you want to check your inbox, you can choose stay signed in . The next time you type the homepage of Gmail, you will be redirected to your inbox. Remember, if you use a public PC like in an internet cafe or any shared PC such as a computer in your study room or class, never put a tick on this offer. If you do this, any random person who uses the computer right after you will have full access to your email.

4. Click on the Gmail login button. You will need to wait for a few seconds for your email page to load. Be patient checking the blue bar keeps progressing, if your internet connection is fine, you will complete the loading process in an instant. However, if your internet connection is really slow, you will see an offer to check the basic html page which is lighter to load but with reduced and simplified features.

5. Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Gmail sign in process. you’re on your email page now. You will see lists if incoming emails in inbox, outgoing emails in sent box, and your unfinished emails in draft. Inbox

Sign in to Gmail on mobile phone

Signing in to Gmail on an Android phone is a bit different though. Yet, it is very easy. Here are some steps to help you do Gmail sign in on a phone.

1. First of all, open the Gmail application which usually comes pre-installed on our Android phones. If, however, your cellphone doesn’t have any pre-installed Gmail apps, you can go to Google PlayStore to install the application. Don’t worry, its completely free. No trial, no in-app purchases, no lies.

2. Fill up the space for your Gmail sign in information just like the step we have to take if we sign in to Gmail on PC.

3. Wait until the loading process is completed. It is recommended to synchronize your Gmail account with your Android phone. You will never miss important email or information if you stay synchronized. Each time you an email comes to your Gmail inbox, you will be notified with a certain alert. Clicking the notification will redirect you to your email inbox page.

Alternatively, there is another way, though it is a bot more complicated to do your Gmail sign in process on an Android mobile phone.

1. On your phone, find Setting. It is where we can customize and regulate almost anything about our phones, including connection, applications, date and time and phone profile.
2. Scroll down and find Account menu. You can add some important accounts on this section.

3. Choose Add Account.

4. Choose Google. Next, you will see some instructions on the page to input your Gmail sign in details. You will be asked to type your email username and password. With this, you will always be connected to your Gmail account.

Those are some steps to enter your Gmail account from both PC and smart phone. Once you try the steps and succeed, you will find that Gmail sign in process is absolutely easy. In fact, it is one of the reasons I still use Gmail now, because it offers both functionality and simplicity in a few clicks.