Gmail Inbox: How does the Gmail Inbox work?

There are a lot of reasons why you should use Gmail inbox as your email service. First of all, it is free and will always be so. You can use all the important features without even paying a cent. You can receive and send email to any parts of the world without spending any money except for the internet connection, of course.
The second reason is because Gmail inbox has a big storage. Google has improved its storage capacity several times. You can keep up to 10 GB of emails, received and sent, including the attachments. You don’t have to hurry deleting the emails in your inbox because you are afraid of lacking storage capacity. 10 GB is really huge for text or even audio based data.

Why should I use Gmail Inbox?

The next reason is because Google always try its best to ensure that the incoming emails on your Gmail inbox are safe. Google has special algorithm to be able to detect spams. It will filter and even block spammers so that they don’t disturb you with their weird messages anymore. Google also scans your email and attachment before each download you make. This is to ensure that your computer is free from harmful malwares and viruses that infect it because of emails.
Besides, Google is also very quick in doing its job. As soon as somebody sends an email, the receiver will find the email in his or her Gmail inbox in an instant. Gmail also has many useful and interesting features. It also offers integration to its other services.

How to start using the Gmail inbox

To be able to use Gmail inbox, first we have to get a username and password. We can create this on the registration form. Next, we have to type our usernames and passwords each time we want to begin a new login session. After it’s successful, we can check the inbox or send a new message or use any other features provided by Gmail.
However, if you plan to use a single email or your entire life, one day you will need to clean your Gmail inbox so you can still send and receive emails when the storage capacity is almost insufficient. You can clean your account by doing several things.
First, you can delete old emails. Usually, none of us will care about old emails because the content and context have already been forgotten. We can delete unnecessary emails by searching for old emails within a certain time period, such as older than two years. Click trash to delete them.
We can also delete files. The method is a bit different. Instead of merely deleting emails, it will remove emails with file attachments that have big sizes, such as .mp3 or .mov. We can search for emails with this extension (or others) by toping filename.extension on our Gmail inbox. Gmail limits any attachments to be 25 MB at the biggest. Therefore, deleting attachments will surely free some space.
If you still think that your storage space keeps shrinking, you can change your email format so it doesn’t use HTML anymore. After I choose plain text, Google always remembers this preference and apply this for the next emails.