Gmail login steps - Learn how to login to your Gmail account!

If you know how to browse and find information on the internet, you most likely know how to create and use an email address. Gmail login is a simple thing; we only need a username and an accompanying password to be able to use the account. However, as active internet users, all of us probably have multiple passwords for different accounts across the internet. Unfortunately, it is not easy to memorize all of them, yet it is not good to use a single password for multiple accounts. Therefore, sometimes we forget our passwords and are banned from accessing our accounts.


Lost your Gmail login password

Attempting a Gmail login when we forget our own passwords is a bit complicated. However, it can be quick and painless once we understand the steps. If we forget our Gmail password, Google has some options for recovery. If we provide an alternate email address and phone number when we register the address, Google can quickly reset our passwords. However, if we don’t provide them, the internet giant has to verify our identity before it gives back our lost account.

How to reset your Gmail login password

Here are some steps to login to Gmail when we forget our passwords.


1. Visit the page of Google Account Recovery. Go to the link www.   and begin your password recovery process.

I visit the page when I can’t remember my password and I have or haven’t provided a phone number or alternate email to connect with the problematic account.  Alternatively, you can also go to Gmail login page and click the link which says “Need help?" You can find it under the login form.

2. Choose "I don't know my password" since this is the problem that we want to solve with the help from Google. Type your email address that you want to recover on the provided space.

Unfortunately, some of us, especially new users or users with new accounts, cannot remember the Gmail login name either. Although this is such a bad case, Google may be able to help. Just put a tick on the option which says that you don’t remember your username. Next, click "Continue").

3. Google will ask you the last password that you remember for the account. If you still remember it, type the password. It may help to recover the account. Google will tell you the last time you changed the password that you typed. This information is not absolutely needed to recover your account so you can click I don’t know if you really cannot remember it.

4. Choose your preferred recovery mechanism. You can get your Gmail login information back by asking Google to send your account recovery data to your alternate email address or your cell phone. If you choose the latter option, you can receive your recovery code by text message (SMS) or an automatic phone call. If you don’t have any of the two, you will be redirected to a survey which contain questions regarding to account recovery,

5. Input your verification code. If you choose to receive the confirmation code by phone, you need to type the sent code on the provided box. However, if you choose to recover your account through an alternate email address, you need to open the message and click on the link which you can find in the body of the email sent by Gmail team.

6. Create a new password. Once you enter the recovery code or click the link, you have successfully reached half way to resetting your Gmail login password. Gmail will not tell you the old password you lost. Instead, it will instruct you to create a new Gmail password. Type the password twice to confirm the click the "Reset Password" button to continue. Remember, you need to create a password which is strong but easy to memorize so you don’t have to suffer the same problem.

After you have successfully reset your password, you can use the new secure pass to complete Gmail login using the usual method.